Japan, Land of the Rising Stocks

As with any typical publication, the first issue of the “Yamaguchi-gumi Shinpo,” which is translated as the Gazette Clan Yamaguchi, bore features on fishing and board games, as well as a poetry pageon satirical haikus. But most of all, it contained a piece from the group’s don or godfather, Kenichi Shinoda,wherein he encouraged younger members to continue to imbibe and exhibit the values and disciplines taught to them by the outfit. Daimon of the Yamaguchi-gumi The publication has only eight pages and exclusively distributed to the syndicate’s members which is believed to be at 27,000. The Yamaguchi-gumiis Japan ‘s largest and most infamousyakuza organization and also lauded as one of the largestcriminal organisations in the world. It is involved in a vast number of illegal activities such as arms trafficiking, bid rigging, contract killing, drug trafficking, assassinations, bank fraud, money laundering, murder, prostitution, and illegal gambling, among others. But as Japan forged on to implement anti-yakuza measures, members surmise the end of the road could just be a matter of time. “They may feel that it has become harder to carry on with their activities under anti-mafia ordinances that bar them from opening new bank accounts and signing real estate contracts,” a police was quoted by the local the Mainichi Shimbun as saying. Which could be true since Shinoda said in his piece that times have indeed become hard for Japan’s mafia and that the organization must learn to adapt and expand away from their “brand” if only to ensure the sustained profitability of their operations.

But Ci:z.Labo beauty salon is going one step further in what it says is the first live snail treatment in Japan. As part of the salon’s “Celebrity Escargot Course” customers will get five minutes of snail therapy, along with massage and other facial treatments. The snails alone cost 10,500 yen ($106). Sayaka Ito said she had found the treatment so relaxing that she had almost fallen asleep.

The yens gain after Fed Chairman Bernankes speech is supporting JGBs, said Tetsuya Miura , the chief bond strategist at Tokyo-based Mizuho Securities Co., one of the 24 primary dealers obliged to bid at Japans debt auctions. The BOJs decision to revise up its economic forecast was expected. The economic outlook from autumn is the key for JGBs. Japans 10-year yields declined 3 1/2 basis points to 0.82 percent as of 3:34 p.m. in Tokyo , according to Japan Bond Trading Co. The price of the 0.8 percent note due in June 2023 rose 0.32 yen, or 320 yen per 100,000 yen face amount, to 99.816 yen. A basis point is 0.01 percentage point.

The change will effectively raise the bar for Abe’s inflation goal, as it means that higher energy prices will be taken out of the equation. The official, who was involved in the decision to switch to “core-core”, said the change was meant to help ensure that the world’s No. 3 economy truly breaks the grip of deflation. “Unless we have price rises that aren’t temporary, that won’t reverse, we can’t say we’ve escaped from deflation,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

He had been overseas for the past ninth months. His wife ashley, eight months pregnant when he left, so upon return, baby hannah walking out of hospital with him. When we come back here tonight — we showed you that image before, the college error on the field. Then there was this one about school on this roadway.

Two other Chinese naval ships which also took part in the drills were seen sweater korea gaul moving into the East China Sea on Saturday. The purpose of the Chinese fleet’s passage through the Soya Strait is not known, Kyodo news agency quoted a ministry official as saying. On Saturday a fleet of 16 Russian naval ships was seen moving through the Soya Strait into the Sea of Okhotsk, the ministry said. China and Russia held the joint naval exercises — their second such drill — amid regional concerns about China’s growing maritime power.

[imgviz image_id:iF.8rGs86q90] There are several ways to participate in this Japanese revival. We highlight the Wisdom Tree hedged Japan fund DXJ, which buys dividend-paying Japanese stocks and shorts the Japanese yen. It’s up 21 percent this year, compared to the unhedged EWJ, which gained 12 percent. Additionally, the NKY provides exposure to the Nikkei 225 and has added 11 percent in 2013. For blog readers who prefer individual stocks, 205 Japanese companies list ADRs on the NYSE.


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